Pneumatic conveying system for the transportation of nylon sheets from waste stream to a storage bunker

service description

The project’s main purpose is to transport nylon from different picking conveyors to a single nylon banker. The system consists of two identical pipe systems, each of which designated to a specific type of nylon (Colored & Clear).
The transportation is done using a centrifugal fan that sucks the nylon through the pipes and the material is then disposed to the bunker through an airlock.
This technique eliminate the usage of picking trolleys for nylon, which in turns minimizes the number of labors needed to transport recyclables from the picking conveyors to the bankers. In addition, the cost for trolleys maintenance and procuring is reduced.

The system is controlled by a Siemens s7-1200 PLC to run and stop the components of the system and to monitor the operation of the line for any overloads or blockage in the pipes. The PLC program also logs critical variables of the system