Complete Sorting Lines for Commercial and Industrial Waste Separation

service description

The project contains several pneumatic and conveying equipment serving the purpose of sorting different types of waste material in an easier and more efficient technique.
The main purpose of this line is to separate material from waste streamline especially plastic bags. Other materials such as paper, carton, organic waste, PET, HDPE, LDPE, aluminum cans, and heavy materials are also separated and conveyed.
The project’s innovative patented concept uses fast pneumatic airflow to tear the plastic bags apart. This technique increases the efficiency of plastic bag sorting by 50% higher than normal sorting techniques.

The project also employs a distributed automation topology that is cost saving and efficient. This distributions allows the system to be expandable and easy to integrate. The system can be controlled via touch screens & remote Scada systems rather than conventional control. The implemented automation algorithms allows the system to be “smart” to ensure proper operation and minimal maintenance